Our Guitar Lessons

Our Guitar Lessons

I tailor my guitar lessons to each one of my students' individual needs. Covering all styles and helping all ages develop their guitar playing skills I am keen to ensure that my students learn through playing the music that they love. There is no need to worry at all about coming for your first lesson as I will make sure you feel instantly relaxed, I promise within a few minutes you will have completely forgotten about your nerves.

In our first lesson, we will talk about the style of music that you are interested in and look to start getting to grips with the basics. You will even leave your first lesson knowing a riff or two to practice at home. For more advanced students we will look at the areas of guitar that you would like to develop and start building a course of lessons that will ensure that you can achieve these goals. For more information about my lessons simply get in touch via the contact page.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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Professional Guitar Teacher | Prices: £25 per 3/4 of an hr | Electric & Acoustic Guitar | All Levels Welcome