Famous Bands from Winchester

Famous Bands from Winchester

Here at Guitar Lessons Winchester, we feel that our hometown, although not the largest, has a rich and vibrant music scene. Winchester has churned out a multitude of successful musicians and guitarists, a few of which we have added to this list. If you’re searching for a bit of inspiration, look no further.

Frank Turner's successful career has been characterised by contrast. The Eton educated rocker’s first band, ‘Million Dead’ started out banging heads, singing about coffins and smashing guitars, but, in 2005, he completed the U-turn of the century, converting from an angry punk bad-ass to a child-out folk hippy. The change in style seems to have suited Frank, winning him two AIM music awards and one Kerrang. Award. He’s gone on to release 4 solo albums, his last, England Keep My Bones charting 12th in the UK album charts. Not only has he achieved critical and chart success, but he’s also even played on possibly the world’s largest international stage at the GB Olympics. Frank has since started a new hard-core band, ‘Mongol Horde’, who are looking to record in the near future. With obvious talents in multiple genres, don’t be surprised if Frank brings out a glam rock album any time soon.

Andy Burrows is possibly best known for being the drummer of the indie rock band ‘Razorlight’. Razorlight quickly rose to critical acclaim under the leadership of ex-Libertine Johnny Borrell, but burnt out as rapidly as they appeared, with relations between Borrell and the rest of his band breaking down. After having a string of collaborations with the likes of ‘We are Scientists’ and Mark Ronson, Burrows is no longer content to be in the background and has gone solo. His new solo album Company was only released on the 22nd October 2012 but has already received wide radio play and given Burrows the chance to appear on the Terry Wogan Show. With a new sense of direction, it looks like the future is bright for Winchester’s Andy Burrows.

Jon Boden is a folk singer from our very own Winchester. He’s played in a number of folk groups, including ‘Spiers and Boden’, ‘Bellowhead’ and ‘The Remnant Kings’. Boden’s primary instrument is the fiddle, but he is also handy with an acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, concertina and even the bagpipes. He is probably best known for his project A Folk Song A Day, where he recorded 1 album a month for a year, with each album containing a song for each day. Boden clearly is a highly talented, creative and intuitive musician and guitarist; all the more reason why you should check out some of his music.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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