Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach beginners?

Yes absolutely! Beginners and intermediate student are more than welcome to start lessons.

Do you teach children?

My minimum age for guitar tuition is 12 to 13, this is because, in my experience, young children are not physically developed enough to cope with the demands of even a half sized guitar. However, younger children could consider starting out on ukelele and then move across to guitar (which uses the same chord shapes) at a later date. For more information and advice simply get in touch.

Where do you teach from?

I teach in the comfort of my own home where I have all the gear to hand and can offer free coffee or tea! It is great place to learn guitar. I am located just to the south of Winchester on Newton Road, Twyford, Winchester, Hampshire - about 10 minutes drive away. Click on the map below to bring up my location on Google Maps.

Guitar Lessons Winchester Map

What styles do you teach?

I cover a range of styles from pop and folk to blues and rock, from beginners to intermediate level.

Do you do group lessons?

No, because I believe 1:1 teaching is essential.

Can we organise fortnightly lessons?

Yes, most students I teach weekly, however I am happy to teach fortnightly if you wish!

Do you teach towards grade exams?

No, my aim is to teach you the music that you enjoy playing. You will learn theory but it will always have a direct application.

Do you teach electric guitar?

Yes, I sure do! As well as acoustic guitar flat and finger picking, I play in a local blues band and have a good selection of ‘annoy the neighbours’ kit which I am happy to explain. I addition you can: learn to re-string and care for your instrument; learn about amplification & effects; PLUS I can set up your guitar or uke to be the best it can be! Get in touch for more information.

Electric & Acoustic Lessons

Whether you're an advanced guitarist or a complete beginner, I am confident that I can develop your guitar playing. My lessons are based around your musical taste, so you can learn through playing the music that you love.

I teach all my lessons from my home studio which is packed with great guitar equipment and is a fantastic place to learn.

To arrange your first lesson or just learn more about my lessons, call 03455 086739.

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Bob is an experienced guitar teacher able to provide tuition to students in and around the Winchester area on both electric and acoustic guitar.